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Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman Over Basketball Wives Smackdown in Rome (Video)

If you have been keeping up with Basketball Wives via our weekly recaps, then you know that the war between Tami Roman and new girl Meeka Claxton

has gone from bad to worse in just a matter of weeks. Tami hates the new cast member.

Meeka struggles with keeping her mouth closed, and Tami will confront shit-talkers point blank. On last night's episode, Mrs. Claxton learned that the hard way with a smack in the face.

Their nightclub brawl, which left one of the women with a bared breast and both with crazy hair, inspired another lawsuit in the long list of other Basketball Wives legal drama.

Let us break it down for you: The ladies were vacationing in Rome, Italy and decided to head out on the town. The girls' night out at the club was supposed to be all about the ladies enjoying the captial's nightlife.

After a couple of cocktails, however, Tami decides it the perfect time to confront Meeka about her conversation with Suzie Ketchum. Looking back on it, Meeka was just venting about how mean Tami is to her. So where did all of this lead?

Oh, you know., Tami popping Meeka in the face. There were literally three grown men trying to break them up. What ended the brawl? A little encouragement from Mama Shaunie O'Neal, of course.

And now TMZ reports that Meeka is taking their drama to court. According to the lawsuit, filed last week in New York, Tami "assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved" Meeka causing serious injury. Claxton wants Roman to cough up unspecified damages, claiming the incident cost her a day of filming and put her through an emotional and physical stress.  

Um, did anyone else watch the show with us last night? Meeka left Italy on her own and was in such good spirits, that she had time to write Shaunie a slanderous letter regarding Tami and her weave pulling actions.

Whose team are we on? Well, Team Evelyn Lozada, figuring we have an interview coming up with her this week... stay tuned for that.

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