Irmageddon 2017: The Best Hurricane Irma Memes So Far

Irmageddon 2017: The Best Hurricane Irma Memes So Far
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Are you ready for Hurricane Irma? Do you have your bottled water, your batteries, your canned goods? Is your car full of gas in case you need to evacuate? Do you have enough booze to last you through the weekend?

Then there's only one thing left to do: Laugh at the storm. It's the healthiest way to ease your waking nightmares of a Harvey-esque scene unfolding in your backyard. And besides, giving not one solid fuck about hurricanes is truly the South Florida way. (But seriously, stay safe out there.)

Here are the best Hurricane Irma memes we've seen so far:
This meme really does work for everything, especially when it comes to all the amateur meteorologists on your Facebook feed.
via Reddit
Speaking of amateur meteorologists, here's this Facebook event with more than 43,000 people signed up.
Not that actual meteorologists can say for sure where Irma will make landfall either. It's totally not frustrating or unnerving at all.

Hermahgerd Irma Catergerra Ferrrve! #ermahgerd #hurricane #irma

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"Irmagherd" is clearly the internet's favorite meme for this storm.

Irma is coming #irma #whonameshurricanes #teenagemutantninjaturtles #tmnt

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Wilma wasn't the only storm to share its name with a cartoon heroine. Irma Langinstein, occasional dorky character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, now is your time to shine!
This clip of Sorority Girls From Hell nicely condenses all of your hurricane stress into one cringe-worthy B movie. Stupid, ugly Irma!
These hurricane memes are taking imgur by storm.
Girl, leave him. You deserve better.
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