These Miami Fitness Gurus Can Help You Stay Healthy at Home

Beachbody coach Idalis VelazquezEXPAND
Beachbody coach Idalis Velazquez
Photo by Cesar Rosario
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Exercise helps you wind down from a stressful workday, manage anxiety, and maintain a strong immune system — all things we could be more mindful of these days.

With gyms and fitness studios closed for the foreseeable future, it's hard to stay motivated when tons of Netflix shows are waiting to be binge-watched. Still, one of the best ways to sweat out the pandemic might be to adopt a regular at-home exercise regimen.

If you're looking for professional help to stay healthy, local instructors are offering endorphin-producing, mood-boosting remote workout routines to fill the gap. Pump yourself up and get in shape for whenever beach season happens to return this year.

Cleo Vo-Dai
Cleo Vo-Dai
Photo by World Red Eye

Cleo Vo-Dai of Modo Yoga


Cleo Vo-Dai's yoga teachings integrate a strong physical experience coupled with calming breathing techniques. "In my classes, I insist on clearing the mind during practice and a feeling of gratitude afterward," she says. "The important thing is for them to keep moving and have a good time. It's time they take every day to forget about these unsettling times." Tune in to Vo-Dai's classes, ranging from creative movement to meditation, via Zoom. Classes cost $10 for nonmembers. A free subscription to Modo's library of courses is free for a month with promo code "MIA."

Edwin Bergman of Yoga That
Edwin Bergman of Yoga That
Photo courtesy of Yoga That

Edwin Bergman of Yoga That


Are your back and neck sore from those long hours of working from home? It might be time to stretch. Iyengar yoga emphasizes alignment as a way of developing the strength and flexibility required to keep the body's systems in balance. "That is the antidote to these stressful times," says Yoga That owner Edwin Bergman, who has been teaching Iyengar for the past 20 years. "Yoga keeps our bodies healthy and strong, our minds present and alert, our moods centered. It calms and aligns us to a deeper dimension of ourselves that we can easily overlook." Bergman is offering a free Friday community class, as well as private and virtual group classes, via yogathat.com. Classes start at $7.99 for one, $19.99 for three, and $99 for unlimited access. Access free lessons on the studio's YouTube channel.

Derek Pope of AnatomyEXPAND
Derek Pope of Anatomy
Photo courtesy of Anatomy

Derek Pope of Anatomy


"Everything starts with a strong foundation," says Anatomy Midtown instructor Derek Pope. "Strengthening your body will help you build confidence, and that will carry over to everything you do through your day." For his virtual exercise programs, Pope suggests using full milk jugs or plastic bags if you can't get your hands on kettlebells. Pope's virtual workouts range from $75 per class to $600 per month. Free routines are accessible through @derekmpope and @anatomy.

Pilates instructor Ginger Harris
Pilates instructor Ginger Harris
Photo by @millyjaneharris

Ginger Harris of Sol Yoga and Soho Beach House


If you're spending more time at home, chances are you'll end up eating more. Gaining weight in your midsection leads to bad posture and strain on your lower back. Pilates, a low-impact exercise, is a simple way to build abdominal strength: All you need is a mat. “Each day should begin or end with a workout to make your body stronger and help you deal with mental hurdles," instructor Ginger Harris says. "Pilates is for everybody at every age and a great way to strengthen your core. The trick is not to leave a space between your back and the mat as you are lying flat; keep your lower back in contact with the mat at all times." Harris offers individual lessons for $15 and group classes for $25 through Zoom. Free routines are available via @gingerharris.

The thigh stretch at Breathe Pilates Miami.EXPAND
The thigh stretch at Breathe Pilates Miami.
So-Min Kang Photography

Gretchen Wagoner of Breathe Pilates Miami


As you work from home and sit for long periods, neck, shoulder, and back tension build up. Don't ignore the signs: Next time Netflix asks if you're still watching, pause to take some deep breaths and do some stretches before you press continue. "Learning how to breathe correctly can help people stay sane during these uncertain times," says Gretchen Wagoner of Breathe Pilates Miami. Her lessons are a total-body movement experiences that concentrate on control and precision of breath and body coordination. Access Wagoner's private and group virtual classes through Zoom. Classes cost $25 for one, $76 for five, and $200 for ten. Class schedules are available on breathepilatesmiami.com.

Beachbody coach Idalis VelazquezEXPAND
Beachbody coach Idalis Velazquez
Photo courtesy of Beachbody

Idalis Velazquez


For novices, Beachbody coach Idalis Velazquez's virtual programs provide achievable, effective fitness routines, along with nutritional guidance. "I help people unleash their full potential and achieve their best body by improving their relationship with exercise and food," Velazquez says. "Having stronger muscles helps you increase your longevity and mobility so you can perform better in day-to-day activities and take on more challenging sports like running." Velazquez is offering a 14-day free trial of her bilingual programs, which include a Total Body Pregnancy option. Plans cost $59 for six months or $99 yearly. Follow her free fitness routines on @ivfitness.

Starr Hawkins
Starr Hawkins
Photo courtesy of @Babymommafit

Starr Hawkins


Plot twist: You turn the couch-potato memes on their head and use these weeks in isolation to meet your fitness goals. Miami Beach model and fitness guru Starr Hawkins (AKA @Babymommafit) might be the key to your quarantine transformation. Every Monday through Friday at noon, the personal trainer — alongside special guests such as entrepreneur powerhouse and fitness enthusiast Julieanna Goddard (AKA YesJulz) — takes her followers through specially designed at-home workout routines. Grab your bands and weights, and sweat it out.  Classes are free via @babymommafit.

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