Free Events This Week in Miami: Totally '80s, Hairspray, and International Picnic Day

Fun fact: International Picnic Day and Ramadan both fall on Thursday, June 18. That is some cruel coincidental shit. Perhaps those diving into the holy month of discipline could celebrate a day early and feast on the beach? The rest of the faithless populous will undoubtedly Yogi Bear their way around the city. While picnics are one the best free things to do ever — and Miami's parks are some of the best spots to enjoy them in — we've compiled more hand-picked events to cheaply get you through the weekly grind. 

  • Dr. Robert Lustig at Books & Books: Creator of the widely viewed “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” on YouTube, Lustig presents the companion cookbook to his New York Times bestseller Fat Chance, works that guide shoppers on how to avoid hidden sugars. 
  • '80s Fashion: Beyond Shoulder Pads at Fashion Project: Cristina Favretto, head of Special Collections at the University of Miami Libraries, discusses fashion of the ’80s with a focus on countercultural fashion.
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan at Cobb Theatres Dolphin 19: Channel childhood with the Cobb Theatres' Summer Kid Shows, free three days a week through August. 

  • Hairspray at Shirley's: Speaking of '80s, if you've only seen 2007's bright Broadway take on John Waters' Hairspray you're seriously missing out. It's got Debbie Harry, Ricki Lake, and Divine for cryin' out loud. 
  • Amanda Harris at Books & Books: Harris's book Fruits of Eden takes readers on the journey of famous botanist David Fairchild as he traveled Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe in search of fruits, vegetables, and grains that would transform the American diet.
  • GroveHouse Artists Exhibit at Deering Estate: Enjoy light refreshments at this opening, highlighting award-winning pieces from the annual Affair on Plein Air, a two-day outdoor juried painting event that was held in January. 
  • Jai Alai Books at The Standard Spa: Check out the Miami-centric materials of the independent publisher while you chat with the Jai Alai team, executive editor P. Scott Cunningham and creative director Seth Labenz.
  • Big Night in Little Haiti: Grab kreyol grub, check out Haitian artworks, and jam to the old-school kreyol jazz, blues and roots rhythms of Akoustik, making their U.S. debut.
  • Little Lab at Locust Projects: Bring the kids in to create their own project inspired by the current exhibition: Roberto Gómez: What Happens When Nothing Happens.

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Shelly Davidov