Flavor of Love's Myammee Talks Wigs, Weaves, And the Real Flavor Flav

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If you're a Vh1 junkie like ourselves, there is a good chance you have caught classics like Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels or Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. But no one did fake love competitions better than Flavor Flav with Flavor of Love.

If we told you we had missed an episode, we would be lying. Which is

why, when we got a chance to interview season three's Myammee, we just

couldn't turn it down.

Who is Angela "Myammee" Pitts, you ask?

Well, remember the nice little lady from Miami whose wardrobe consisted

of bikinis and g-strings? Yep, that's her. These days, she's

wearing her lingerie under real clothes (boo) and running her own salon in

North Miami Beach. Plus, she is back to reality TV -- and this

time, she is calling the shots.

New Times: How did you get into the hair business?
Angela "Myammee" Pitts: I have always done my own hair. I have been wearing wigs and weaves since middle school. I really just love hair, trying out new styles, seeing what works and what doesn't.

What were you doing pre-reality TV?
Well, I graduated from FAMU in 2006 with a degree in public relations and a minor in business. I moved to Atlanta to look for work and never really found anything. I started working at Hooters for a couple of months, and from there, I was approached to do the show. I went to the casting and I was actually super, super late, so I thought there was no way I was going to be chosen. Next thing I knew, I was in Los Angeles.

What is Flavor Flav really like?
He is actually really down to earth. When the cameras were gone, it was just him. He was so cool. People wonder how the girls like him, but when he turns the typical Flavor Flav off, he is a great person.

Were you attracted to him?
I was! No one can really understand it unless you were in the house. Maybe it's because there was one guy and a camera crew in a house full of girls. You can't mess with the camera crew, so then there is just Flav. And because he really is such a cool person, you really do start to like him.

I actually read that he was married through all three seasons.
I read that too! We suspected something during filming. The entire time, his brand new baby was coming in and out of the house. It all came out during the reunion and I did feel betrayed in a way. I know a lot of the girls were really hurt because they liked him a lot. Many of them felt like, "The show was for what? What did I through all of this for?"

I know you won I Love Money 2. What did you do with the cash?
A good portion of it I invested into the shop. I also donated to my church. I took care of my family a little bit.

What has been the best thing that came out of doing reality TV?
My nickname, for sure. The recognition is nice, but my name Myammee turned into something I never expected. It has become my brand.

I can imagine you love being your own boss.
I love, love, love it. I get to come in when I want to come in, make my own schedule, and get to be a part of every part of the store. I'll work front desk one day, I'll check up on all the stylists; you name it, I do it. Well, except doing hair. I leave that to the stylists.

How did your web series, Project Myammee, come to be?
The main purpose of it was to show the process, but also to show I am not just some lingerie model. I am a true workaholic. I recorded it in 2010, from the very beginning when we found the space to the grand opening. I wanted to release it as a celebration of our one-year anniversary, so I hired someone just to follow us around and catch every moment from the beginning to the end. I then turned into a mini Vh1: I edited all the footage over and over again 'til it was perfect. I wanted it to be mine.

It definitely shows you're not just the face of the brand.
Exactly. That's what I wanted. When I first began, I was in between Atlanta and Miami. I actually didn't even think I needed an office because I was back and forth so much. Then when things really got moving, I moved down here permanently and couldn't be that far away; I just love the salon. I fell in love with the shop. I think its nice to see the process of building the shop, but that I am not just some girl from Vh1. Yes, I walked around in lingerie, but I am also a strong businesswoman. I hope people see that.

Myammee's Hair Spa is located at 16507 NE Sixth Ave., North Miami Beach. Visit the website for more information.

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