Five Worst Anti-Weed PSAs in Television History (Video)

Today is April 20. In case you missed it or are too high to remember (if you did check out this, and this, and this), it's National Pot Smoking Day, or Weed Day, or Bill of Rights for Stoners Day. The point is there's a lot of emphasis on the pot today. That's a lot peer pressure.

And being the responsible corporate citizens that we are here at New Times, we don't want you to be unduly swayed by some of the coverage we are dedicating to everything Mary Jane. Remember, drugs are bad. Or at least that's what PSA's have been saying for years. But, really, can you honestly trust Pee-wee Herman (you'll see what we mean). So sit back and enjoy some of these gems. Not for nothing, but they're probably better if you spark up to watch. As they say, the more you know...

5. Daddy's a Pot Head

Here's a classic from the late 1980s. Though acting is sometimes an afterthought in PSAs we think dad's expression after being told he is responsible for his dope fiend son's actions is Oscar worthy.

4. Your Brain on Drugs -- Anyone Got the Munchies

Your brain on drugs is looking really tasty right now. Add some cheese, maybe a little Tabasco and your night of wild pot smoking just got even better.

3.5 Pee-wee Shows His Crack

Remember Pee-wee? How can you forget him after this doozie. Yeah, yeah, we know this is for crack cocaine but it had to be included. Did you see how serious Pee-wee is? Uh, was this before or after he was caught playing handball in a movie theater?

3. Rover Against Stoners

Some people get really paranoid when they smoke pot. But can you really blame them? How would you feel if you're freaking dog gave you a guilt trip every time you took a hit.

2. Smoking Pot Makes You Gay

Okay, so maybe this video isn't really a PSA, but it's pretty good. More than a condemnation of marijuana, we think its a statement on whether one sees the glass half full or half empty. Make sure you watch it all the way through.

1. Why Squares Start Smoking

Granted this is the '80s, but there is still no excuse for this song and those outfits. If the choice was between lighting up or joining these squares, well, there really wasn't any choice at all. Go ahead. Light up that blunt.

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