Dog Acupuncture? Puppy Aromatherapy? D.O.G. Canine Hotel's Paris Hilton-Level Pampering

Your dog is your BFF. He sleeps with you. Eats with you. Maybe even bathes with you. We don't judge.

So when you're forced to leave town without Fido in tow, just any old dog kennel won't do.

Enter D.O.G., Miami's first luxury canine hotel. They've got everything from doggie yoga to acupuncture to Skype services. No, seriously. Damn, these dogs have got it good.

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Located in Wynwood, just down the street from the Shops at Midtown, D.O.G. is the effort of longtime dog trainer Linda Smith and partner Hector Antunez. And the spot is swank.

From "Wynwood loft-style" boarding suites to doggie treadmills, the spot has everything imaginable for your dog's comfort and convenience. Seriously, imagine a human luxury, and these folks have a version of it for your pooch. Their menu of services includes relaxation massages, therapy dog training, bedtime tummy rubs, "bone" calls (speaking with your dog via phone/Skype while you're away), even aromatherapy. This is a one-stop canine shop for anyone who's into pampering their furbabies.

This is some Paris Hilton chihuahua-level service right here (for better or for worse). But it's not as expensive as you might imagine. Overnights range from $30 to $120 depending on suite size and number of dogs, and daycare runs from $14 to $30. Services run the gamut as far as cost, depending on what you opt into.

Check out this photo tour of the haute hotel for pups:

The small dog play area. Cute overload.

If you can't run with the big dogs ... this room ain't for you.

The luxe lobby. And yes, dogs are allowed on the couch.

The hotel and suites. The lights are kept dim so it's easy on doggies' eyes.

Yes, that's a treadmill for dogs.

What's a fancy resort without a boutique?

The facility is all about its Wynwood roots, with art adorning the outside and inside of the space.

In addition to their for-profit efforts, the D.O.G. folks have found homes for several needy pups, keeping them free-of-charge at the facility until they were adopted. These gorgeous girls are in need of a loving family -- hint, hint!

You can check out all the details on D.O.G. on their website.

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