C.Madeleine's Yard Sale Returns With Vintage Discounts This Sunday

For anyone whose ever wandered into the vintage "boutique" C. Madeleine's, you'll know that's it's no boutique at all -- it's practically a space station. Measuring 10,000 square feet, it sure as hell resembles one. Think of it as a massive time machine in North Miami, where pieces from past decades transport to the present day and amass every nook of the showroom-sized chic-topia.

With great space, however, comes a glut of vintage clothing to occupy its confines. And in C. Madeleine's case, it's brimming on excessive. But everything immoderately done is not necessarily a bad thing.

Because of the tsunami-like influx of merchandise flash flooding through its doors, the store is left with no choice but to purge heaves of its abundantly stocked inventory, to make way for the newcomers soon to be nestled up on their racks. That can only mean one thing, and one thing only: sale time. And not just any sale: a yard sale. How much more vintage could it get?

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Yep, come Sunday, June 8, the racks from C.Madeleine's insides will be coming out, pervading its parking lot and offering up some of the store's very best authentic pieces, from trendy contemporary styles to majorly throwin' it back as early as the 1920s. And as far as the "sale" in yard sale goes, everything the light touches will be marked down from 50%-95%. (Insert head exploding here).

Expect to find everything there, from knife pleated to the fullest of dirndl skirts. Go ham on all the punk pieces you could find, like Nancy did Sid. Or satisfy the flower child from within with bitchin' bells and a matching halter to start the summer off right.

The annual yard sale starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. And if you're thinking of getting there extra early to snag up the best lust-haves, think again. The team strongly forewarns against any "early birds." Because, duh, this is Miami. And to show up anywhere early would just be, well, unfashionable.

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