They may be on skates, but Cirque still knows how to fly.EXPAND
They may be on skates, but Cirque still knows how to fly.
Photo by Matt Beard

Crystal, the First-Ever Cirque Production on Ice, Hits the BB&T Center

As if Cirque du Soleil wasn’t visually captivating and mind-boggling enough, now there’s a production on ice.

Crystal marks the 42nd original Cirque show and is the very first to be done on an ice rink. And the BB&T Center, the ice rink in our neck of the woods, happens to be suited to host the multisensory spectacle.

Crystal’s opening night at the BB&T in Sunrise is Wednesday, July 18, with productions scheduled for select dates through July 29.

“As a brand, we’re always looking to explore new territories and expand the horizon of creative platforms,” said Fabrice Lemire, artistic director for the show. “There is a beautiful relationship between the ice element, acrobatics, and the mind. I questioned this idea at first — to take this show in this direction. But when I saw it develop in front of my eyes, it was a mix for the better.”

Lemire has been with Cirque du Soleil for ten years and has overseen the development of other renowned touring shows including Toruk, Varekai, and Quidam. Crystal made its official debut in Quebec in December 2017 and has been hitting big-time venues throughout the U.S. since.

According to Lemire, the show boasts 43 artists, including 19 skaters, three live musicians, and a number of acrobats. The set mimics a “living scrapbook,” with a town square-like feel sitting adjacent to a massive pond. The tunes are a hybrid of orchestral moments, live violin, keyboard, and guitar as well as one-of-a-kind covers of well-known pop songs.

The story zooms in on Crystal, a misfit looking to "break through the ice."EXPAND
The story zooms in on Crystal, a misfit looking to "break through the ice."
Photo by Matt Beard

The plot itself follows a young girl named Crystal, a misfit wanting more. One day she falls through the thin ice of a pond and encounters an alternative universe – one where she sees her true talents. Throughout, Crystal gains the strength to ultimately "break through the ice."

“It’s about finding purpose... and questioning who you are as an individual,” said Lemire. “It’s a beautiful metaphor in terms of finding yourself through a journey.”

As for what motivated Lemire in developing the show, it was all about keeping his eyes open.

“It’s about being inspired by others and what you see... a sky, a pond... so you’re not just staring at things but being driven to see things and be inspired,” he said.

Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal. Wednesday, July 18, through July 29, at BB&T Center, 1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise; 954-835-7000; thebbtcenter.com. Tickets cost $43 to $168 via ticketmaster.com.

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