Bringing Down the Mob

When we first heard about the Sicilian Film Festival, our minds were flooded with blood-red visions of the Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia clan and oversized servings of pasta alla Norma. Wrong, says festival director Emanuele Viscuso: “The focus of the SFF is to underline the quality of Sicilian cinema and culture, and the incredible attractiveness of this island known only for the Mafia. The cinema was the cause of it and the cinema can be the medicine.” The festival will screen 25 films in six nights at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, beginning this Friday at 6 p.m. with a three-part program — Caravaggio Part I, La Terramadre, and L’Uomo Giusto — that has absolutely nothing to do with La Cosa Nostra. Individual tickets cost $7 for MBC members, or $10 for non-members. A VIP festival pass, which also includes access to the opening party at Segafredo (500 Española Way, Miami Beach) and the closing night awards ceremony at Villa Viscuso (8300 Hawthorne Ave., Miami Beach).
Fri., April 16, 6 p.m., 2010
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S. Pajot