Bookleggers' Founder Nathaniel Sandler on Miami's Library Closings: "I Think It's Shameful"

Earlier this month, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez reversed his stance on raising property taxes. Now he wants to close almost half of our public libraries. Many of those libraries are in low-income neighborhoods, and their closure will affect poor adults who rely on the library system for online access, as well as children, who depend on library programming and books.

Nathaniel Sandler is a founding member of Bookleggers, a successful mobile library celebrating its one-year anniversary this Sunday at the Broken Shaker. He also freelances for the University of Miami Special Collections library and writes for WLRN, for which he recently penned a scathing critique of the mayor's plans. And August 13, Sandler will lecture at Locust Projects about the future of libraries, which he believes are not as disposable as the mayor apparently thinks.

We caught up with the bibliophile to talk about the ongoing library debate.

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