Basketball Wives' Kesha Nichols Tells Us Why She Has Forgiven Tami Roman

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If Nicki Minaj takes the time out of her day to tweet about you to her 11 million-plus Twitter followers, we think its it safe to say that, in the words of Evelyn Lozada, you are "a mother f***ing factor."

That makes Basketball Wives' Kesha Nichols the X Factor.

Before Monday night, Nichols was just one of the new girls on the show, made famous for her engagement to NBAer Richard Jefferson, which was broken off via email the day before the wedding. But this week, fans watched as Tami Roman verbally abused her to tears while on vacation with the ladies in Tahiti. It was so wrong that after witnessing it, fellow wife Evelyn also broke down and cried. Moments after the episode came to a close, Twitter exploded with backlash towards Roman for her actions.

So what did the bullied victim have to say about the whole situation? Well, we asked her about it. (Oh and lots of other stuff, too.)

Cultist: I know you are New York transplant via North Carolina. How did you like living in Miami?
Kesha Nichols: I loved it. I lived in Brickell when I was there. I wanted to walk my dog at night and have places I could just walk to. It was very New York, but warmer. The weather was amazing. We came down for filming in the beginning of December. Then when I went home to North Carolina for Christmas, I was like, "Oh yeah -- its wintertime!"

How have you liked your first season of Basketball Wives?
Its definitely been a learning experience. With every reality show, it's an experiment to see how people will act. For me, I have never been around adult women who physically take out their anger out on one another. I usually try to get out of the way when fights start.

How did your role on the show even come to be?
Well, when my wedding was canceled with my ex, that was around the time they did the first season. They asked me then, but I wasn't ready and wasn't ready the second or third time they asked me each season. Then I saw the women were able to pursue their business ventures and I saw the amount of people the show reached. I decided to give it a try. I thought it was time for a completely different person to be featured on the show.

Speaking of your ex, I mean, can I just say that really sucks?
Yes, yes you can. Before my wedding was canceled, I was an anonymous person. Then all of a sudden, I am in the spotlight having to talk about the saddest time of my life. Imagine having the worst breakup of your life, but everyone wanting to talk about it. Definitely one of the hardest times of my life.

Had you met any of the Basketball Wives before?
I had never met any of them before. I did know Kenya Bell from Milwaukee, but I didn't know she was going to be a new girl 'til we arrived for our screen test.

Did you know she was bat-shit crazy then too?
Yes. Actually, I don't like to use the word crazy because its not nice. But I knew from the other woman that she started drama and had a little bit of drama with the organization and the wives there. They warned me to stay away from her. Coming into the situation, I thought knowing someone would make it easier, but unfortunately Kenya's goal was to throw me under the bus and make herself look better.  

Any regrets so far?
I wish I would have never told Evelyn that Kenya said she was loose. Everybody told me I had to fight fire with fire, but giving her that comment brought me to her level. Its not my personality, but I felt like my back was against the wall.

You and Tami Roman just had a huge blowout in Tahiti. Where are you guys today?
In real life, I am just concerned about her health. No matter what happens, TV life doesn't matter. It just matters that everyone is healthy and happy. I have emailed her and told her I wish her a speedy recovery and I really do just wish her the best.

Do you think Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada will ever be friends again?
I think there is some really deep and hurt feelings between them. I was watching their friendship unravel just like you were. But then I came into it, and it was crazy. I don't have all the details, but I think it's beyond repair.

Would you call any of these ladies your friends?
Royce (Reed) and I will be friends long after this show is done over and done with. I don't have beef with the ladies, but her and I talk at least once a week.

Whose side are you on: Team Jennifer or Team Evelyn?
Neither! People said because I left with Jennifer after the fight at the race track, that I had chosen. But in reality, that is how it was set up. I had come with Suzie and Jennifer, so I just wanted to make sure she was OK. I couldn't see her leave that room by herself.

Is it just me or is it every time you're around all the ladies, they brawl?
Every, literally every time, I have been around all the ladies, there has been a fight. And they hardly ever have us all together.

Would you support my charity that supports home goods that are in the way of Evelyn during a fight? You know they will be thrown.
(Laughs) Yes. I really like her, but she does have a short fuse.

I know you are dating. Any plans to put him on camera?
No no no way. He is very supportive.

Would you ever date an athlete again?
No girl! Have you never heard my motto? Anybody but a baller, baby! Been there, done that.

You need to tell Royce Reed that, girl. I will do my best not to bring up her recent cheating scandal...
Dating an athlete is one thing. Dating an athlete and then putting your relationship on TV is another. Both of those things are playing against you. I love Royce, but the first time you put each other on TV is the first night everyone comes out of the woodworks. People can't stand to see you happy.

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