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Bad Girls Club Miami Reunion, Part One: Haters Gonna Hate

We knew last night's Bad Girls Club Miami reunion wasn't going to be a typical reality reunion. We interviewed these ladies throughout the season and knew the bitches were extremely pissed off -- especially at one another. So it was no surprise that within the first five minutes fists were thrown. The highlight? When Perez starts feeling challenged by Lea and yells "I'm from Miami too, bitch!" and calls her a c-u-n-t in español. We all have a little chonga in us.


getting gangster is ridiculously entertaining. Is it embarrassing?

Slightly. Her true chonga status came out with the Spanish spewing out

of her mouth while getting up all in Perez Hilton's face -- so great

to watch.

Out of the final four, the three ladies (Lea, Erica, and Ashley) sat as far away as possible from Christina. While watching the finale, we knew it was them versus Agent Orange. But

while looking back at the three-on-one fight in the finale, the

Christina jump looked a lot more brutal watching it a second time. Even

dudes in the audience were cringing.

Erica gets called out... Thank God!  We said it multiple times, and we will say it again: Erica kinda sucks. Was she terrible the entire time? No, she wasn't. But, all of a sudden, you're going to get "bad" on the reunion? Please. If you aren't bad in Miami, where will you be?

On the Erica note... weren't you a little shocked to learn that Erica and Kristen were friends during the show? Yes, maybe they occasionally hung out, but Kristen spent a good amount of airtime hating on Erica during the filming. Erica talking so much shit about on her on Twitter now make sense.

Does Brandi look prettier or is it just us? Not just on the outside, but she is speaking well and talking out all her issues. It's kind of like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs. It's truly shocking. We tip our hats to you Brandi. Is she still on the pole? She says she isn't ... but who knows! It's actually kind of refreshing to see at least one of them with their shit together. Well, until Natalie from season four is brought up. But we hate her too.

It turns out we were off the mark about the drinking game, so we apologize to our readers. We should have said take a shot every time Lea says the word "honest." Bitch, you're honest, there is no need to warn Perez you are about to be. Actually, you're more than honest -- we're not sure there is a word for what you are. So when you hear that phrase come out of her mouth in the Reunion Part Two, send the shots back!

Ashley was nothing on the show and she is nothing now. They even put her in the audience she was so irrelevant. Until Kristen asked why she was sitting with the normal folk, we honestly had forgotten her all together.  She wasn't a Bad Girl the entire time then all of sudden gets hard? Please. No wonder her and Erica got along so well.

The quitters (Danielle and Kayleigh) were also called out. They did indeed quit, so why shouldn't they be? But their low blows thrown out to Kristen about the drama with her family was even a lot for us to take. Even for Bad Girls, that was some bullshit.

Kayleigh is off her rocker. First off, "funner" isn't a word. But she is a Bad Girl, so we don't expect grammar to be her strong point. But most important, she mentions that, "It isn't butterflies and flowers in the house." Yeah, no shit, bitch. Nothing about this show looks anything like that. Can she leave the show... again!?

Come back next week for the blow-by-blow recap of Bad Girls Club Miami Reunion, Part Two.

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