Argentine Artist Amalia Amoedo Opens "Vestales" Exhibition in Wynwood

The first Saturday night in April, Curator's Voice Art Project (CVAP) buzzed with the opening of the latest show by Argentine artist Amalia Amoedo. The Wynwood gallery unveiled the new project, titled "Vestales." The evening was a whimsical unpacking of mythic themes curated by CVAP director Milagros Bello. Twelve multicolored unicorn sculptures were placed throughout the exhibition, with a circus-like tent pitched in the middle. It was a dazzling display.

The work isn't just a colorful childhood romp; it's a deep analysis of personal themes with which the artist has wrestled for years. “The unicorns represent the 12 Zodiac signs and their cosmic powers," Bello explains. "All of them present the allure of Vestals [priestesses of Vesta goddess of Earth in Roman mythology] and infuse the space with an essence of purity and virtuosity." 

Born in Buenos Aires, Amoedo has created work that is entrenched in a postmodern, anti-art movement. Her paintings, for example, feature sharp contrasting hues adorned with glitter and various found objects. They are meant to simultaneously repulse and attract the viewer to elicit an emotional response — whatever it might be. 

Along the same vein, her "Vestales" sculptures seem ripped straight from a playground junkyard. Lacquered in gaudy paint with over-the-top decorations, they stand out for their striking visual presence, begging to be admired. Yet behind the heavy layers remains the artist's fascination with feminine symbolism. 

"Deep vision of the arcane and mysterious powers of Vesta," Bello elaborates as she attempts to unpack the tangled web of metaphors the artists has prepared. "Iconic figures of unicorn sculptures composing a circle and meandering locus work as a metaphor for the transformational supremacy of the archetype."

However you experience "Vestales," it's sure to elicit a strong reaction. Love it or hate it, there's no question your emotions have been flared.

Through June 4 at Curator's Voice Art Projects (299 NW 25th St., Miami). Visit curatorsvoice.com

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