A Tale of Two Pities

Stewart O’Nan’s latest novel, The Odds, hits close to home. Exploring themes of truth, pain, heartbreak, and hope, the book tells the tale of Art and Marion Fowler, a troubled couple on the heels of their 30th wedding anniversary, stuck in crises such as impending home foreclosure and joblessness. Escaping with his wife on a second honeymoon back to Niagara Falls, Art seeks to reignite the passion that once was. But the trip isn’t just about romance. Art prepares to place an $8,000 bet — all of their liquid assets — at an upscale casino in a move to dig the Fowlers out of their deepest hole. The Odds is the 50-year-old’s 14th novel, following last year’s successful Emily Alone. In the nonfiction world, O’Nan shared a byline with acclaimed author Stephen King on 2004’s Faithful, where the two diehard Boston Red Sox fans chronicled the historic, World Series-winning season. O’Nan will head to Books & Books Monday, the second stop on an 11-city book tour for The Odds. Though he’ll be busy plugging his 2012 hardcover, we’re sure he’ll take a minute or two to trade MLB stories on the side.
Mon., Jan. 23, 8 p.m., 2012
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Tracy Block