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The Tank Brewing Company Opens for Production, Will Begin Distribution by End of April

Miami's breweries have increased by one with the addition of the Tank Brewing Company, which has already begun production, owner Carlos Padron tells New Times.  

After two years, much of the construction is complete, and the brewery has been making test batches for the past few months. Even though he hasn't quite nailed down a date, Padron is confident the Tank will begin distribution by the end of the month, perhaps as early as April 15.

Brewers Matthew Weintraub and Moh Saade are dialing the recipes to ensure it's the product for which they want the Tank to be known. Saade and Weintraub, who are both graduates of Florida International University and alumni of the school's brewing club, B.R.E.W. FIU, are the brains behind the suds. 

"If not, we'll wait another week," Padron says. "We definitely want to do it right."

Gold Coast Beverage Distributors will distribute the Tank's brews to bars and restaurants across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, beginning with the brewery's flagship beers: La Finca Miami saison and Freedom Tower amber. Next up will be the Tank IPA, Padron says. 

La Finca Miami is a golden Belgian saison weighing in at 6.2 percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV). Freedom Tower — named for the iconic building in downtown Miami — is an American amber with 5.2 percent ABV. 

Brewing on a 15-barrel system, the Tank specializes in a variety of beer styles, notably Belgian farmhouse and abbey-style beers, or beers historically brewed in Western European monasteries. Such beers include dubbels, tripels, and quadrupels, which tend to be sweeter, stronger in alcohol percentage, and lower in bittering units. 

The brewery is located in an industrially zoned area near Miami International Airport, at 5100 NW 72nd Ave., Bay A1. 

Construction for the tasting room is underway, and Padron says it could open as early as June. He wants to open the tasting room later in the day, hoping it'll be more attractive to employees getting off work and looking for a place to unwind. He says there's plenty of parking, about 100 spots. 

The building is also next door to one of the nation's largest cigar distribution facilities.

They could be perfect neighbors, considering the Tank will eventually also include a cigar-smoking lounge that Padron hopes to be a point of convergence where craft beer and cigar connoisseurs can sip a Belgian while puffing on a Plasencia

Padron says the tasting room will hold frequent events, including a service industry night he wants to host in May. Stay tuned for a grand opening announcement
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