Miami Police Union Prez: "No One Can Take Responsibility for Israel's Death Except Himself"

Miami Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Javier Ortiz has come out roaring against those who are criticizing police in the wake of the death of teenager Israel Hernandez.

After City of Miami commissioner and mayoral candidate Francis Suarez released a flyer condemning police violence, Ortiz replied with his own letter claiming that Hernandez's death was his own fault.

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Though Hernandez died in the City of Miami Beach after he was hit with a Taser by Miami Beach police officers, Suarez released a campaign flyer offering his condolences to Hernandez's family and friends:

Ortiz blasted Suarez in a response letter.

"It is unfortunate that Commissioner Francis Suarez has chosen to utilize a sensitive situation in which someone has died on a paid political advertisement for Mayor to obtain votes," Ortiz wrote according to NBC Miami.

"There is not a single law enforcement officer that would've wanted Israel Hernandez to die for committing a criminal act," he continued. "However, No one can take responsibility for Israel's death except himself."

"Tasers in the City of Miami have saved many individuals who in the past would have been subjected to deadly force when we didn't have this great intermediate tool. What is even more surprising is Commissioner Suarez voted on July 11th in a commission meeting to purchase more Tasers for the Miami Police Department."

Though, lest you think Oritz is taking issue with Suarez because he's pulling for incumbent mayor Tomas Regalado in the mayor's race, remember that Ortiz once painted a truck with an image of Regalado with the phrase "Real eyes realize real lies" and followed Regalado around in it. The guy apparently just doesn't like most politicians ... or anyone who questions the wisdom of using Tasers.

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Kyle Munzenrieder