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Beckham Announces New Soccer Stadium in Overtown

Update 12:45 p.m.: Beckham's group has confirmed that they are going to build a stadium on nine acres of land in Overtown. The private land in the area is already under contract, the city says, while a small parcel of County land will be bought at fair-market value. Only approval from MLS's Board of Governors remains to finalize the deal. "This will be the most responsible stadium development in Miami history," the group promises. 

Here's the full statement from Beckham's group:
"Miami Beckham United has secured a stadium development site at 650 Northwest 8th Street in the City of Miami's historic Overtown neighborhood. We intend to create an assemblage of private and County-controlled land totaling approximately 9 acres in Miami's urban core, within walking distance of multiple public transit options and the up-and-coming Miami River District. The private properties, which comprise the majority of the land, are under contract and we intend to purchase the County land at fair market value pending approval of our site by the MLS Board of Governors.

As we have said, this will be the most responsible stadium development in Miami history. Construction of our venue will be privately financed and we will work with Miami-Dade County Public Schools to establish our club as an educational resource for the community. We will also engage nearby businesses and residents as we develop our stadium design and take steps to enhance the neighborhood.

David, Simon, Marcelo and Tim would like to thank Mayors Gimenez and Regalado, Commissioners at the City and County, and Superintendent Carvalho for their leadership and willingness to assist us throughout this process. Most importantly, we appreciate the support and patience of our fans who share David's dream of fielding a world-class soccer club in Miami. We've never been closer to making that vision a reality, and we appreciate the consideration of Commissioner Garber and the MLS Board of Governors."  
County Mayor Carlos Gimenez confirmed that the county is negotiating a deal for a truck depot nearby that currently stores vehicles from the Water and Sewer Department: 

Thursday evening, I signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with Miami Beckham United. The document confirms the group's intention to negotiate the purchasing of land owned by Miami-Dade County, located on NW 6th Street and NW 6th Avenue near downtown Miami. Miami Beckham United would pay fair market value for the property that is currently managed by the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department. The purchase is part of Miami Beckham United's effort to assemble land to eventually construct a privately-financed, privately-owned Major League Soccer stadium in the urban core of our world-class community.

Our earlier story before the announcement: 

David Beckham's years-long struggle to find land to build a soccer stadium in Miami may now be over. The soccer star and his business partners are believed to be on the verge of announcing a plan to bring a stadium to Miami's Overtown neighborhood. Though no one is talking publicly about the deal yet, local politicians have been briefed on the matter this morning, City Hall sources tell New Times

Rumors of an Overtown stadium began swirling once Beckham's plans to build a stadium adjacent to Marlins Park in Little Havana imploded. Though most of the land was publicly owned, some parcels were owned privately, and some of those owners demanded outrageous sums to sell. 

Rumors swirled earlier this week that the new Overtown plot is at 650 NW Eighth St. It's currently owned by Windsor Investment Holdings. The group had earlier announced plans to build an Arquitectonica designed apartment complex on the site, but is apparently willing to ditch those plans to sell to Beckham. 

Though the site is in one of Miami's more impoverished neighborhoods, the site is right across the street from the well-off Spring Gardens neighborhood, and close to the booming Miami River front. 

It's also less than a quarter of a mile away from a Metrorail stop. Thus, it ticks off a requirement from MLS President Don Garber that the stadium be close to public transit. 

According to the Miami Herald, Beckham's group is also looking to acquire a plot of county-owned land just south of the site. There's no word on what that would be used for, but the area has a notable lack of parking options at the moment. 

The Beckham group has also reportedly told council members that they would privately own the land and pay property taxes. Though, a deal to provide benefits to Miami-Dade Public School attached to the Little Havana plan may still be part of this deal as well. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder