Adidas Is Hyping the Hell Out of Miami Hurricanes Uniform Unveiling

Adidas may spend all day dreaming about sports, but the company is turning the unveiling of the new uniforms for the University of Miami into a major nighttime affair. It's booked out LIV, literally the hottest nightclub this side of Vegas, to launch the uniforms this Saturday night with an invite-only party full of 500 VIPs, and it's reportedly trying to book DJ Khaled as entertainment. 

Granted, a product launch on a Saturday night in the middle of summer may not guarantee the most social media buzz, but potential recruits hearing that the team throws parties at that club they've heard about in that Drake song creates another type of all-important recruiting buzz for the Miami Hurricanes. 

The partnership and uniforms are vitally important for both the brand of the school and the apparel company. 

Nike currently dominates the college football market and has recently picked off some of Adidas's long-term partners like Notre Dame and Tennessee. So Adidas decided to hit Nike where it hurts — at least sentimentally. The University of Miami was the original Nike school. Back in 1987 they signed a deal with Nike to exclusively supply uniforms for all of its teams. That's common practice now, but at the time it was unheard of. Apparently, however, Nike didn't want to keep shelling out the big bucks and Adidas swooped in. It offered Miami a 12-year-deal (the longest deal Adidas has with any school), rumored to be worth as much as $90 million. 

The Hurricanes, of course, may not currently offer the feared on-field product they used to, but the school remains a major brand. The football team is using the new uniform launch as a chance to totally rebrand itself, as evidenced by tweets made by both the team and Adidas. 
Adidas has been hyping the deal steadily since it was signed, and Miami recruit Tyler Dunning set off more speculation last month when he tweeted that, "Miami the new Oregon." Oregon's football team is famous for its colorful Nike uniforms. 

That, of course, left people wondering exactly what these uniforms would look like. Adidas recently unveiled alternative uniforms for Louisville that were, well, an acquired taste. They feature a photo of an angry Cardinal on the helmet.
Adidas's Miami uniforms may have actually already leaked. At least, according to the Palm Beach Post, an prototype of them did, and from the looks of it, the Miami uniforms will be a bit more restrained and in line with the Canes' sartorial traditions.

According to the Post, the uniforms unveiled at LIV may be subtly different and the all-green Uniform on the bottom right has been ditched, but these are the general ideal. The team will continue the tradition of freely mixing and matching different colored tops and tights, and the helmet, though not seen here, will be more or less the same ol' white helmet with the iconic "U."

Adidas had previously tweeted a couple of special-edition sneakers for the school, but it appears those may not have made the final cut for the core uniform, but we'll find out for sure on Saturday.  In case you've forgotten, this is what Nike's last uniforms for the Canes looked like. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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