Theo Parrish: "Bring Your Open Mind and Your Need to Get Down"

Theo Parrish is a producer's producer. The Detroit techno veteran's experimental flair puts him as much in the realm of avant-garde sound art as that of electronic dance music.

After all, Parrish was creating sound sculptures and installations as a student at the Kansas City Art Institute before he was dropping beats at the club. And these days, fellow Motor City residents can often catch him roaming the streets with a microphone in hand, searching for quirky new samples to record and bring into the studio.

Of course, the world knows Theo Parrish first and foremost as a consummate purveyor of techno grooves and the boss of Signature Sound, a bastion of cutting-edge electronic dance music.

Next week, he will host a headlining show at the Electric Pickle in Miami. So we here at Crossfade caught up with the DJ, producer, and label head to chat about his Detroit influences, studio wizardry, and the "need to get down."

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Sean Levisman