Six Signs You're at a Full Moon Party

It's a full moon tonight at LMNT.
It's a full moon tonight at LMNT.
Photo by Laurie Charles

Myth has it that when the moon is full, people let go of their inhibitions and go wild. Truth or fiction, people totally let loose at LMNT's monthly downtown full moon party.

"We need to come together as a community and bring body and soul together," said Tracie Samara, hostess and co-founder of the lunar bash.

"When it comes to full moon parties, the subtle vibrations have an impact... people just come and do their thing."

And people of all sorts, from women in their 20s decked out in colorful flowy skirts, ruffled midriff tops, and floral headbands, to an Iraqi vet wearing a cut-off camouflage Army uniform top with a brown kilt and black combat boots, to bearded mid-aged men dressed in white linens walking around with djembe drums, and a Rico Suave doppelganger, did come exactly as they were.

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Some watched as open mike performers took the stage and read aloud their prose or sang to Florence and the Machine, while others joined in on the indoor drum circle, stared in awe as fire spinners twirled their lit up pois in the air, or talked about the symbolism of the moon.

It may have been a diverse crowd of party goers, but one thing was for sure: what happens at full moon parties most definitely doesn't happen anywhere else.

And if you ever catch yourself questioning whether or not you're at a full moon party, here are six signs that give it away.

This guy is on fire.
This guy is on fire.
Photo by Laurie Charles

Pyros Fire Spinners

Ever wonder what it's like seeing bright orange flames spinning in midair? Watching these guys juggle fire and not getting burned is all the wondering you'll ever have to do. And aside from a circus, we're pretty sure full moon parties are one of the only places where these guys can freely spin fire.

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