Madball Talks Hardcore Unity: "It Should Be Us Against the World and Not Each Other"

Hardcore punk rock is the world's best music for unity, aggression, and positive mental attitude.

Just ask Freddy Madball, he's been doing it for decades. From the time he was a kid in Miramar, to starting a band on the mean streets of NYC.

Whether you've been going to shows since you were 11, or thinking about checking one out for the first time, everybody is welcome to the open arms of hardcore. Here's what Freddy had to say about Miami, the Black N' Blue Bowl 2015, and why fighting at shows is bullshit.

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New Times: Congratulations on over 21 years of Madball tours!

Freddy : Hell yeah, at least 21. For sure. Last year, we actually celebrated 20 years of Set It Off, but it's been, like, over 22 years of actual touring. It's crazy to think we been in the game that long, but it's true!

Thanks for coming and doing this Florida tour of Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. What inspired that?

Florida is an important market for us. We've got a lot of roots there, especially South Florida. We've been touring there since '94, and I lived in Florida, off and on, since I was a kid. I was there when I was real young, then I went to NYC for a lot of years, and I've been back and forth as an adult. There's a real family connection for some of us. And Miami in particular is a real good market. People come with a lot of passion and angst and energy. The shows are always fun. It's always been a strong city for hardcore and I can remember shows there from 1994 till now. Jacksonville too. Last time we were there, it was off the hook. It just seemed like the right time to hit Florida again. We can't get to every single spot in the world, but we try to do what we can. We had to do Miami, and my brother [Roger Miret] is coming right behind us with Agnostic Front. We didn't wanna conflict 'cause they're kinda close together, but we talked on the phone, and it's cool. The way I see it, we all roll through and it's back-to-back New York hardcore. What more could you want.

Yo, that Black N' Blue Bowl 2015, your festival in New York, looks crazy!

We finally got it right. We're satisfying a lot of different people's tastes. We got the Regulators [a band with Bad Brains' Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know, Mackie Jayson, and Cro-Mags' John Joseph] doing their Bad Brains crossing over with the Cro-Mags, then Sick of It All, Madball, and just a lot of great music for everybody. People been asking for Burn for years and we got it for them.

What would it take for a Miami band to get on there?

It's hard, because a lot of people submit to play the show and we wanna give younger bands a shot, but we gotta make the whole package exciting to the masses, so it's a tough balancing act. You just have to let yourself be known, whether you're from Miami or Oklahoma. If you're doin' your thing and people are talking about you and you do something cool or diferent and your name's out there, you might get a chance. We're not opposed to it. And we always try to bring international bands into the mix too.

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