Grrrrrrrrowwwwwl! And she's an expert in civil law too

Jaguar Wright's Soul Sessions

Although the issue of selling souls tends to come up in church and in movies like O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the act of marrying a soul is difficult to come across, making Jaguar Wright's latest album, Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul, even more labor-intensive. Compared to Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle, Wright first appeared on the soul scene in 1999, accompanying Jay-Z during his MTV Unplugged concert. She released her debut album, Denial, Delusions & Decisions, in 2002, which brought her commercial success with the hit song "The What Ifs." After spending some time being featured along with the Roots in Coca-Cola's "Nu-Soul" advertising campaign, Wright decided to go it alone for her second release. She wrote nearly all the songs herself, and will be performing them during the Bohemia Room, a weekly poetry event that has featured Def Jam poets and comedians as well as musicians.


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