Photo courtesy of Finka Table & Tap

Finka Table & Tap

Siblings Eileen and Jonathan Andrade come from Miami dining royalty. Their grandparents founded Islas Canarias, the shrine of Cuban comfort food revered for its croquetas. Their parents carried on that tradition. It was on the sage advice of Mom and Dad that Eileen and Jonathan opened Finka Table & Tap — employing a funky spelling of finca, the Spanish word for “farm” — out in the far-western reaches of Miami-Dade. Gastropubs are a dime a dozen on the east side of the county, but Finka has a monopoly out west, and a crowd lines up nightly for Andrades’ Peruvian-Korean-Cuban fare: cast-iron cazuelas of pulled lamb and soft-cooked corn masa, Cuban bibimbap, and the famed croquetas from the old family recipe, available in ham, chicken, or fish.

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