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Best Tattoo Shop Miami 2008 - Lucky Tattoo - CLOSED

Lucky Tattoo

Lucky Tattoo

405 15th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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If you have a tat that you regret, you didn't get it done at Lucky Tattoo. Not at the Collins Avenue location ... nor at the one on Washington or 15th Street. And you couldn't have possibly gone to Kentucky or overseas for it. Nah, you sure didn't. The shop has catered to more than 250,000 customers, but the Lucky artists had nothing to do with that muddy tribal tattoo on your forearm. So try 'em out. You can bring in your own sketch or choose from one of the thousands of premade designs, and get exactly what you want. Costs range from $60 for something small to $10,000 for a full body tat. And if you ask for Dow at the Collins location, she'll hook you up with a design that can be seen only under the black light of your favorite club (or Eighties bedroom).
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Kellianne Riddles
Kellianne Riddles

So during my bachlorette party my friends and I (at 4am!!) after leaving the clubs got the bright idea to go get tattoos and piercings. Why would anyone have done that to use in the state that we were in is beyond me. I am holding full responsibility for my actions, but I wish they would have had better business sense than to do it. So I got a tattoo on my wrist, it looks awful. It isn't right at all. I got a date and the numbers are different sizes and not even. Now I am worried about whether this place was even clean or not. Is my arm going to get infected?!?! Two of my friends had lady part piercings that both have been removed 3 days later. My friend went home to a very trusted PPA shop and had it looked at. The piercing was not even in the right place, done with the wrong jewelry AND the jewelry had led in it which is poisonus! I wish for anything in the world that I could take it back for all of us. I feel awful that my friends and I went through this. KNOWING that people are as intoxicated as we are ensures they are probably not making good decisions and as a business owner they should NOT have given us anything. Off to laser removal!!


This place is HORRIBLE. They are VERY unproffesional. I was harrased, and groped by the employees. They overcharged me, and when I gave the tattoo artist a 30% tip he laughed, and wripped it up and threw it in the garbage, and called me cheap numerous occasions. I was told 'Move your arm you're bothering me." I could not believe the artists had the audacity to talk to their customers with such disrespect. When I told them they had horrible customer service they replied, "We don't give a fuck, do you want to call our manager, he doesnt give a fuck either." I got a tattoo near my private area, and the artist was very unproffesional, and plucked a hair down there and laughed. Also, the artists grabbed my buttox and breast. I should have called the cops but I was in schock, and left. This is the most disgusting place I have been in my life.