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Best Hotel Miami 2008 - Jamaica Motel

Jamaica Motel

Jamaica Motel

4601 Southwest Eighth St.

Coral Gables, FL 33134


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If you are visiting the area, and you want a real taste of M.I.-yayo, this is the perfect place to stay. Since Miami never sleeps, neither should you. Located on the infamous Calle Ocho, this motel is decorated with red neon lights and mirrored ceilings. The toilets are equipped with bidets. In fact some folks consider the motel to be a historical landmark, since the film Jamaica Motel was released in 2006. It was shot on location and caused some controversy (check out the director's MySpace page, The rates are convenient and inexpensive: $70 per night, or $50 for two hours. Yeah, mon.

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The Guy
The Guy

I saw this film at the Miami Short Films Festival. It was awesome....Very Miami. I believe they won an award at the film festival.