• @Munzenrieder
    25 August, 2015

    Donald Trump sure hates immigrants for a guy who's a son of one and married two others.

  • @Munzenrieder
    25 August, 2015

    I've been mildly inconvenienced by the effects of most of the major Atlantic Hurricanes in my lifetime.

  • @Munzenrieder
    19 August, 2015

    Someone has scrubbed Catherine Kenner's Wiki-page of all mention of her Hialeah-ness https://t.co/h1fF5920mh

  • @Munzenrieder
    18 August, 2015

    People love these "Trump is a Hillary plant" conspiracies, but you could also make a compelling "Bernie is a Hillary plant" conspiracy too.

  • @Munzenrieder
    17 August, 2015

    Sauregurkenzeit for Munzenrieder.


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