Huong's Immigration Mural: Turning Government Policies and U.S. Ancestry into Art

The Peace Mural Foundation will inaugurate Vietnamese artist Huong's Immigration Mural at the Miami Art Palace January 14. Huong, a Vietnam War survivor, is striving for one thing through her art: Peace.

The mural was inspired by the fact that the United States of America is a multicultural nation that has prospered thanks to the effort of immigrants. Huong's mural will make you stop and take a second to reflect on your ancestry and how it took many hands to build our country.

Huong's encouraging visitors to leave their signatures and comments on immigration issues on the mural. "[The mural] is a giant book combining the life work of the late artist Jospeh Demarais and more than 200 quotes, presenting the different voices of America," she says.

After her stop in Miami, she will exhibit the mural nationwide for two years and ultimately bring it to our nation's capital to present the Immigration Mural project to the Homeland Security Department and other influential parties in Washington D.C.

She plans to give one piece of the Immigration Mural to the department, which includes the quote about immigration from the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, as a gift.

When asked about Huonng's mural, David Danelo, Executive Director from Office of Policy and Planning, U.S. Customs and Border Protection says, "I see the dreams and passions of millions swirling across [her] canvas. [She has] a powerful gift."

--Anais Alexandre

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