Blow Out the Candles!

In the past year, you’ve journeyed to the exact same urban oasis on Biscayne Boulevard, but for a variety of reasons. On Thursdays the movies lured you, on Tuesdays free piña coladas and 18 artsy holes of minigolf called your name, and on Saturday mornings it was the promise of lush organic fruits and veggies for sale that did the trick. Which makes it hard to believe that, 366 days ago, none of that was there and your days were dull and gray. So tonight venture out one mo’ gin to celebrate the first anniversary of the Upper Eastside Garden.

The festivities will include more of UEG’s brand of eclectic fun. From 7 to 11, there’ll be a free round of putt-putt, performances by artists like Perspects and Otto Von Schirach, comp Grolsch beer and vodka, a showing of a portion of Michelle Weinberg’s “Warehouse Plays” murals, and even Lightning, a miniature horsy from Calder Race Course. Yay! Admission is 10 bucks, but the sake shots at the door are free.
Sat., March 22, 2008


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