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The Wynwood Yard Closes Out Its Run With Dancing in the Rain

Sunday afternoon, as thousands of people gathered at the Wynwood Yard to celebrate both its last day and Cinco de Mayo, a massive storm threatened to put a damper on the festivities.
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Sunday afternoon, as thousands gathered at the Wynwood Yard to celebrate both its last day and Cinco de Mayo, a massive storm threatened to dampen the festivities.

For about two hours, Wynwood was engulfed by a storm bearing howling winds and sideways rain. As lights flickered and the electricity started to give out, Yard founder Della Heiman managed a joke: "So it's hailing. The last plague."

Heiman was referring to last week's New Times story, where she compared some of her experiences at the Yard to the ten plagues in the Old Testament's Book of Exodus.

And although the Yard officially canceled the live music programming for the rest of the night, including headliners Locos Por Juana, many people refused to let the soggy conditions ruin a good time.

Gathered under the shelter of the canopied bar area, people drank eight-dollar margarita and paloma punches and danced with the bartenders dressed in glitter and colorful party garb. 

Youri Milfort and Kitty Curtis, who met, fell in love, and eventually married at the Wynwood Yard, took time from their Monsieur Poutine food truck to have a few drinks at the bar and chat with friends. Said Milfort, "It's sad, sure, but we're having a party."

As the storm passed, more people started wandering into the Yard, stepping over rain puddles to get a drink. The food trucks that had closed because of the rain reopened. People formed a line at the Pasilla Tacos truck to get their Cinco de Mayo meal.

The Wynwood Yard put out the call on Instagram that the party, though a little soggy, was indeed on.
"Thank you to everyone who got stuck under The Bar at The Yard tent. It was a little scary but we appreciate that everyone stayed calm and positive. Thank you also to the Best Bartenders Ever for holding it down and keeping people entertained, safe and calm. Best community ever. So, the DJ is on, bar is open for last call and if you don’t mind puddles and mud, the vibe is solid. Not the way we planned to go, but maybe it’s the only way to go."
When you recall that the Wynwood Yard's official opening was postponed due to heavy rains, last evening's closing sounds extremely poetic. After all, what's better than dancing in the rain with your friends?

The Wynwood Yard. 56 NW 29th St., Miami; 305-771-4810; thewynwoodyard.com.
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