Top Ten Labor Day BBQ Ideas

In today's Dade County, our estimation of what Labor Day oughta entail includes a Mayor who doesn't cut the wages of the working class while raising the salaries of his bureaucrat cronies.

Regardless, Labor Day is a national barbecue holiday. As such, we've come up with ten ideas for you to adopt, riff on, and fire up to grilled perfection. Happy Labor Day!....

10. Cook over wood chips - Hank Hill might have you believe it's all about propane and propane accesories, but if you want that real smoke flavor you gotta burn wood. Money tight? Cut your mix with charcoal.


9. Grilled oysters - Do it the Monroe County way and convert your truck's tailgate to a crosshatched grill top. Load some burnables into a metal trashcan, fire em up, then shuck your oysters and cook em on the half shell. Now that's South Florida living.


8. Spicy corn nuts in your coleslaw - Be ready for that token vegetarian. Weird them out with this Short Order exclusive. They may give you a strange face when the slaw hits their plate, but the spice and crunch factor will have them coming back for more.


7. Fried hot dogs wrapped in bacon - Face the facts, bacon makes everything better. Wrap your dogs in pig skin, bread those suckers then deep fry them. Serve in a french bread roll, call it gourmet, and douse in fancy sauce and Grey Poupon.


6. Mango salsa on everything - Take advantage of mango season and blend a few up with a couple of habanero peppers, some fresh squeezed lime juice, salt, vinegar, and cilantro. It's pure tropical fire you can use to dunk anything from a tortilla chip to a fresh grilled double cheeseburger.


5. Grilled pineapple slices - Dip a bunch of those suckers in honey and brown sugar, throw em on the grill, and don't pull em' off till they're hot, and charred, but still juicy. Trust us, these are a guranteed hit.


4. Ocean soaked corn on the cob - You may not want to do this just anywhere, but if you can find some clean seawater, throw your evening's corn in a mesh bag and let em' soak in all the salty goodness of that fresh Atlantic. Grill in husk, pull when charred, slather in butter and chili powder, enjoy. You're welcome.


3. Campfire style - Build the pit, gather the wood, start fire with two sticks and a piece of string, bow hunt a Florida wild hog, hand catch a rattle snake on the way back, cook over a knife carved spit and howl at the moon, don't do it the easy way just cause you had the day off work.


2. Shishkabob - These are good because most everybody likes something that's in them, and if they don't, they can just pick them out. Try chicken, beef, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions, portabello mushrooms, and jackfruit because they're in season.


1. Scatter Grill - Pick two of every type of meat and throw it all on the grill on the same time. Make sure you're first to the grill to pick out what you want. Last one there gets the burnt hot dog.



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