Top 5 Miami Gas Stations to Eat At

Sure, there's that pesky oil spill dumping hundreds of millions of gallons of deadly crude into our fish basket. But when all the seafood is dead or infected, we can find sustenance in the industry that put us in this situation.

Besides, gas station food is awesome at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m. Hot dogs, Jamaican patties, and Snickers bars are only the beginning. try gourmet empanadas, fine wine, and tapas. Here are the top five Miami gas stations to eat at.

5. El Carajo International Tapas & Wines

This full-fledged Spanish restaurant and wine bar has been documented everywhere from a best-selling novel by James W. Hall to television, movies, and even lame-ass Time magazine. This is a good place for all of you aristocrats who hate the rest of our selections.

4. 7-Eleven gas station at 590 NE 125th St. in North Miami

Nobody says it, but everybody knows it's true. 7-Eleven has the best selection of packaged foods of all the places like it. From sandwiches (Cuban, Italian, grillers) to Slurpees, nachos, coffee, fruit cups, parfaits, cheese and veggie trays, taquitos, Twisters, hot dogs, doughnuts, cookies, and everything else, 7-Eleven has you covered.

3. Krome Exxon at 19900 SW 177th Ave. in the Redland

This gas station is also a convenience store and a cafeteria. Inside, you'll find Mexican chips, Mexican glass bottle soda, and a hot food line of rice, bean, and meat staples. It's across the street from the ancient Coffey's Country Store in South Miami-Dade's Redland.

2. Stadium Hess at NW 199th Street and 27th Avenue in Miami Gardens

Next time you go out to the ballpark, don't forget to stop here and stock up on food and beer to eat and drink in the parking lot. This place has a pizza and sandwich shop inside, and it's all way cheaper than the overpriced crap at the stadium.

1. Flagship Shell on South Dixie Highway at SW 27th Avenue in Coconut Grove

Why is this the best? It's at a central location in the city of Miami. It has a hot box full of patties, empanadas, and pizza slices. There's a dedicated pastelito hot box. Boar's Head made-to-order subs pair well with fresh coffee, and the place is reasonably clean. There's a counter where you can eat inside. It's a dependable standby.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.