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Three Miami International Mall Restaurants Shut Down Due To Roach Activity UPDATED

Miami International Mall has been a favorite in Doral since opening its doors in the early 1980s. The mall was renovated in 2000 and redesigned to go along with the international theme similar to nearby Miami International Airport. Consumers bring their children and frequent the Simon Property Group mall by the thousands to shop at stores like The Gap and Bath & Body Works. Apparently, small children aren't the only critters enjoying the food court selections.

Last week, three of the most popular restaurants on the property were shut down, all due to roach activity. Roaches were observed by state inspectors at China Max, King's BBQ and Charley's Grilled Subs. Calls to Charley's and King's BBQ were not returned. China Max managers declined to comment when confronted by Short Order Tuesday. (China Max attorney Eric Smithers called Friday to say the restaurant has yet to open. The violations relate to a prior tenant, China, China, he says.) The official report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation can be found here.

The restaurant there is currently operating under a sign that says "China China" with uniforms that say "China Max" and current license information stating 'China Max.'" That could indicate China Max has purchased the store, but management has not yet transferred over.

Whatever the deal is, the restaurant was shut down for the day and reopened the next morning after eight critical violations were observed by state inspectors from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. "Observed roach activity as evidenced by live roaches found in kitchen prep area, 40+ live on table, soda station location open at inspection time," said the report, which was published last Monday.

King's BBQ was cited for nine critical violations, but at least they only had 20+ live roaches crawling around the front door next to the soda machine, as opposed to 40+ straddling the prep area at China Fill-In-The-Blank. Charley's was cited for just two critical violations, though that included live roaches found in the prep sink area in the kitchen and 20+ by the soda machine.

"Miami International Mall responded immediately to all requests made by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation," said mall manager Alein Cadalso in a statement. "We are pleased that each of our food court tenants were able to comply with the state regulations and re-open for business the day following the inspection."

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