The Burger Beast Celebrates National Hamburger Month

​May is National Hamburger Month. This allegedly began when White Castle declared a month-long holiday to honor america's favorte meat. White Castle has its own plans to pay homage to one of our nation's favorite foods, but Short Order caught up with Miami's local burger connoisseur to find out how he planed to celebrate.

The Burger Beast has been on the Miami blog scene for quite some time. His initial purpose was to find the best burger in Miami. His blog has expanded to include reviews from around the globe, coupons, burger news and basically anything else that relates to la carne. Local businesses have also taken a liking to the social media expert by creating burger tours, and challenges. Some restaurants have even named menu items after the Beast.

We asked the Burger Beast how he planned to celebrate National Hamburger Month, "This year I'm having giveaways almost every day of the month from a bunch of local and national restaurants. The giveaways include a Burger King replica mask, a McDonald's football jersey signed by Chad Ochocinco and much more."

"There are also four events to look forward to for National Hamburger Month that I plan on attending. Quickie's Burger and Wings of Hollywood will be hosting the 4 lb. Titan Burger Challenge on May 15; there will be a wrestling ring in the parking lot where a local wrestling league will perform. Q American Barbeque in Miami will have a onetime burger-centric menu created by Chef Jonathan Eismann May 17. Heart Stoppers will hold a rematch of former record holders of their Burger challenge May 29. Finally, on May 31 everyone should come out for the South Florida Burger Throwdown, where amateur chefs compete against award-winning chef Jorge Montes to see who makes the best burger."

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Beth Swanson
Contact: Beth Swanson