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Tervis Tumblers: Ten Reasons They Are the Best Invention Ever

The human body is approximately 65 percent liquid, which means we inevitably do a lot of drinking to keep that waterlogged equilibrium. Whether it's the recommended allowance of H20 or copious quantities of booze, there's lots of the wet stuff constantly flowing down our gullets.

So proper drinkware is no joking matter. But most cups on the market are fallible. They break, they crack, they sweat -- they fail to effectively contain our beverage of choice. Despite Toby Keith's endorsement, even Red Solo cups have their Achilles heel.

Thankfully, mankind's search for the perfect drinkware has not been in vain, because one container has met the challenge. Tervis tumblers FTW. (And no, Tervis didn't pay me in plastic cups -- or any other currency -- to write this. I pay full retail price for my tumblers just like the rest of y'all.)

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