Taking A Bite Out of the New Bliss Spa

The W Hotel on South Beach recently debuted their Bliss Spa. This state-of-the-art spa hails from New York, where Bliss is known as the leader in facials, massages and other pampering treatments. While Miami isn't lacking spas and the like, this new three-story facility is modern, clean and approachable. It's also quite foodie friendly. Short Order was invited to sample some of Bliss' gourmet-themed services recently and found them to be quite delicious.

The appropriately titled Carrot and Sesame Body Buff actually utilizes shredded carrots in its 90-minute treatment. These carrot snippets were mixed with warmed-up essential oils, which were then applied to my body. The technician advised that not only are carrots a great source of Vitamin A, but that they are an excellent exfoliant. This was followed by a hot drizzle of milk and honey. I was then enveloped in Mylar for a new age veggie wrap. Next up was a Vichy shower, and finally I was rubbed down with a lemon sage body butter.

For "dessert," there was the Double Choc pedicure, which comes with a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. While I was pigging out on the ice cream, my feet were being buffed, scrubbed and massaged with chocolate-flavored exfoliants and moisturizers. It's how I imagine the Oompa Loompas must relax on their days off.

In between treatments, I nibbled on the lovely platter overflowing with snacks in the Lady's Lounge. There were cheese and crackers, olives, chocolate truffles, assorted fruit and lemon water. Who knew spas could be so yummy?

Bliss Spa
2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

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