Gold leaf on Kobe.EXPAND
Gold leaf on Kobe.
Courtesy of Quinn PR

SOBEWFF 2016: Makoto Dazzles at Acqualina Private Dinner

While real-estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump was busy spewing outlandish statements this weekend, Sunny Isles developer Jules Trump (no relation) classed things up by sharing a meal beautifully prepared by chef Makoto Okuwa.

The private event, held Thursday and hosted in the newly completed grand salon of the Mansions at Acqualina, celebrated the sales at the upcoming Estates at Acqualina (17875 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach), which is said to have "amenities on steroids" — think an ice-skating rink, a movie theater, and bocce ball courts. The Mansions, not to be outdone, were sparkling with twin crystal chandeliers. And the meal held its own, with those in attendance contributing to $500 million in sales at the Estates.

Courtesy of Quinn PR

Dinner began with toro tartare, fresh and fatty in the best possible way. The course that followed was roll-up Kobe beef carpaccio with some gold dust on top. It dazzled and was a perfect pairing for the two original Nancy Lorenz paintings, featuring 24-karat gold and mother of pearl and worth half a million dollars each, gracing the walls of the dining room.

Sashimi saladEXPAND
Sashimi salad
Courtesy of Quinn PR

For something a bit lighter, a slightly salty sashimi salad was served afterward, followed by palate-cleansing yuzu sorbet. 

Get on the sushi boat.EXPAND
Get on the sushi boat.
Photo by Carina Ost

The next course arrived in bamboo leaf-boats holding a sushi assortment that popped sprinkled with salmon roe and wowed the crowd.

Sea bassEXPAND
Sea bass
Photo by Carina Ost

The sushi was followed up by a sweet piece of sea bass with peas and sprouts. Kobe steak over crisp purple potatoes brought the main courses to a close.

Kobe beef
Kobe beef
Photo by Carina Ost

Passionfruit sorbet with chewy mochi closed out the meal. Chef Makoto Okuwa; Jules Trump, cofounder and owner of the Trump Group; and Michael Goldstein, president of Sales at Acqualina thanked guests in attendance.

Jules Trump, Makoto Okuwa, and Michael GoldsteinEXPAND
Jules Trump, Makoto Okuwa, and Michael Goldstein
Photo courtesy of Quinn PR

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