Ron Jeremy, King of...Rum, Hospitalized After Aneurysm Surgery

Ron Jeremy, star of over 2,000 adult films and the man behind Ron de Jeremy, Ron Rolling papers, and anything else he could put his....ummm...face on and make a buck, is resting after aneurysm surgery.

The actor/entrepreneur/personality drove himself to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles early Wednesday after experiencing chest pains. He was found to have had an aneurysm near his heart and doctors performed surgery on the 59 year-old Jeremy.

According to Reuters, the actor is "resting with complete privacy and no visitors" after the surgery.

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Ron Jeremy Offers Rum and a Lapdance

Jeremy, also known as The Hedgehog for his squat, hairy, stature, built

an entire legitimate industry from his porn star beginnings.

His Ron de

Jeremy rum, which at first seems clearly like a way to profit off his name, gets

high marks for its flavor and smoothness. Master of Malt described

the seven year old dark rum from Panama as a "serious rum" with "a lush

tropical fruit top-note with a decent amount of spice and dried fruit.

There's also a very pleasing seam of sugar-cane running through it --

think 'El Dorado 12 meets Havana Club Anejo Blanco.'"

I got to taste the rum with Jeremy a few years back.

Jeremy, wearing sweatpants and a black t-shirt, was both repulsive and

adorable. He embraced his porn star status and ran with it, telling

somewhat dirty jokes -- but more like your uncle Morty told at

Thanksgiving when the kids were in the other room, than really graphic

humor. He was also proud of his rum, and surprisingly knowledgeable about it.

Jeremy remembered everyone on the room -- their names,

whether he'd met them before (even years back), and who they were with.

He was funny, generous with his time...and tired. In fact, he mentioned a

long schedule filled with promotional dates.

I wish the Hedgehog

a speedy recovery -- because we need more

people who take their sex with a grain of salt and their rum seriously.

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