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Rabbit, Pork, and Cuttlefish at Salumeria 104: An Exalted Lunch Experience

Salumeria 104 recently invited us to lunch to try some new menu items as well as the ever-changing daily special.

First we munched on a variety of meats and cheeses ($6 to $24) that whetted our appetite. All the cheeses were superb, but we have to say the pecorino toscano guaranteed our everlasting loyalty, as did the cotto al tartufo, a truffle-infused prosciutto. We also sampled some fried gnocchi, which was good but nothing to swoon over.

Before we discuss the entrées, we must take a minute to mention Maria, our server. Miamians complain about service more than anything else when it comes to dining, but Maria was both excellent and knowledgeable.

Salumeria 104 serves a unique, off-the-menu daily special, and as luck would have it, we arrived on cuttlefish day. We bit into slices of flawlessly cooked cuttlefish with good texture -- not overly chewy. It was barely dressed in a mildly flavored sauce that didn't overpower the main ingredient.

Next we tried the coniglio en tecia ($22). The Florida rabbit was expertly braised, moist, and tender on the inside, with a slightly crisp skin.

To wrap up our tasting, we pounced on the porchetta ($20), which consisted of crisp pork belly curled around a small slice of roast pork loin. It was delightfully fatty and meaty.

Kudos to Angelo Masarin for introducing new items daily rather than rest comfortably on his laurels.

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Ily Goyanes
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