Nemesis Urban Bistro to Close in December

Micah Edelstein's funky, soulful downtown restaurant that's become a cult favorite with one-off bites like alligator ribs will close next month.

The shuttering, announced on Nemesis Urban Bistro's Facebook page, comes as Edelstein looks to move on to a new project.

"A heartfelt thanks to you all for making this chapter so memorable," she wrote Sunday.

Since its opening in 2011, Nemesis has been a flashpoint for Miami's food scene. Few, if any chefs, have had the courage to serve such an unusual, constantly changing menu set to the backdrop of downtown Miami's homeless population. Edelstein became infamous for her eagerness to respond to overzealous Yelp critics, and to former New Times restaurant critic Lee Klein's jabs about the restaurant's unusual name. Nevertheless, there's the hope that Edelstein, who also hosted underground dining group Cobaya's first "dunch" (a combination of "dinner" and "lunch") in summer 2012, won't be gone long.

The final day is December 10, but there will be a handful of dinners beforehand as a sendoff, including a the Sunday Bistro Brunch November 30 and the Big Night feast for the final service.

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