Molecular Gastronomy at Enso

                                                                                                                         Jacob Katel

"The exciting part for us is when people break out their cameras before they eat," says Chef Jacob Durham from Enso. "Food is the only artform made strictly for consumption. Cooking is the oldest profession in the world, so it's refreshing to have fun with it once in a while, and to watch people's whole perception change in just a mouthful is exciting."

                                                                                                                         Jacob Katel

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According to chef  Jacob Durham the idea behind sous-vide is that "the vacuum will pull the flavor INTO the fruits, vegetables, meat or anything else, so you can put whatever flavor you want into whatever you're working with."

Jacob Katel

Sous chef Vincent Pantoliano (pictured above) emphasizes that their use of culinary chemistry is not meant to alienate anybody, but to appeal to the common diner. "It's all a matter of perception, we're just using these mediums to create a different profile on the food, we're so scrutinized for the things we do here, we just want it to be better for ANYONE who tries it, we push the research of food using scientific techniques, the first step is getting people to look at the food in front of them in a new way."

Jacob Katel

"It's all science. Once you understand the food, you can work with it, change its physical properties. We use liquid nitrogen on everything, primarily ice cream, you have to try the liquid nitrogen Godiva."

                                                                                                                         Jacob Katel

Sushi-Chef Snu Slamet is a culinary artist who uses non-traditional ingredients to create exciting flavor combinations.

                                                                                                                         Jacob Katel

And owner Nick Kazumoff, the man with the vision, wants you to see it all for yourself. View the full slideshow click here.

-- Jacob Katel

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