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Meatless in Miami: Om (Nom Nom) Garden

Anyone with special tastes -- whether it be in food, wine or vinyl records -- knows they have to seek out certain destinations to get precisely what they're looking for. After hearing about Om Garden for ages and tragically stopping by when they used to be closed Sundays, I finally arrived to see a packed house of diners already turned on to this hidden yet veg-friendly gem.

Om Garden, located in the roads neighborhood south of downtown,  is fully vegan, a very welcome change of pace when you are used to asking waiters to pretty please make sure there is no [insert animal byproduct] in what you plan on ordering. They offer a wide variety in their impressive menu of appetizers, salads, soups, nori rolls, pizza, desserts, smoothies, and juices. A good portion the menu is also entirely raw.

I started off with the "Blessed Broccoli & Cheddar" which was an incredibly flavorful chilled salad appetizer with fresh florets covered in a pine nut and sunflower seed sauce that would've made any lactose-intolerant swoon with glee. I would seriously be happy taking a tub of that into a theater instead of the yellow #5-colored, oil-laden, bucket o' heart attack that's available.

I couldn't stay so I ordered their Rainbow Roll and Happy Cow veggie burger to go.

The Rainbow Roll came highly recommended by the staff and patrons I

talked to and wow, for good reason. A rice-less roll, it featured

perfectly portioned avocado, mango, beet, carrot, fig (surprisingly

good) and a creamy, white coconut/cashew sauce that made everything

pop, all wrapped in greens and nori, and drizzled with balsamic syrup.

A friend who tried a piece summed it up well when they said, "It

tastes like summer."

The Happy Cow burger was nice, but paled a bit next to the roll. It

was tasty (especially with the Om House Honey Mustard poured over it)

but next time around I'd order it with the bread toasted to give it a

bit more structure. It came with guilt-free baked sweet potatoes on

the side.

Owner Dionette was super friendly and happily told me all about her

establishment.  She opened Om Garden in July of '08 and has gotten a

great response, so much so that yes, they are now open seven days a

week. Their full menu is available online and they do catering as

well. As more and more people turn on to healthier (yet still

delectable) eating, business for places like Om Garden are truly only

going to grow.

Om Garden
379 SW 15th Road, Miami

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Lauren Reskin