Lester's in Wynwood Is Closing Tomorrow UPDATED

Since its opening in 2010, Lester's in Wynwood has been a big part of Miami's literary scene.

But tomorrow at midnight, it will shutter its doors.

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Owner Daniel Milewski has declined to comment on the matter, but members of Lester's staff have confirmed the closing.

Lester's has been around before the wild art walks, Wood Tavern's Taco Tuesdays, and the Panther Coffee craze. It hosted literary nights, served wine, and was the epicenter for Miami's skinny jean crowd.

So stop by one last time before midnight this Saturday.

Updated: Lester's owner, Daniel Milewski, issued the following statement regarding Lester's closing on November 23:

Dear Friends,

I'm very sorry to report that after 3 years of operation we will be closing our doors Saturday the 23rd of November. Having Lester's the last 3 years has brought me a lot of joy and interesting experiences and I'm very proud of the role that we've played in the creative community.

A special thank you goes out to all our regulars,patrons and close friends who have supported us and fed off of the creative output that we've strived to develop during our time. Sometimes hard choices have to be made and this was definitely one of them but I'm excited and optimistic about the future and moving forward. Miami is an exciting city in all of its parts and corners and I plan to help keep it that way.

I'll see you all soon,

Daniel Milewski

New Times will update this post with more information as it becomes available.

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