Kitchen Prank: Server Gets A Red Hot Spoon For Breaking Cook's Demi Glace

Kitchen pranks go back to the days when cave people pissed on each other barbecues for laughs, and they haven't gotten any less funny with time.

Long time sous chef Kyle Foster from Talula (23rd and Collins, Miami Beach) tells this funny story:

"We cooks joke around a lot in the kitchen, but there was this one server who thought he could joke with us too.

He took some mashed potatoes and put em' in this cook's demi glace, if you don't know what that is it's a sauce that takes three days to make, and he ruined that.

You don't mess with someone's mise en place. Their person, their clothes, their drink, but not their mise en place. So the cook left a spoon on the grill, and when it was good and hot on there they took it and dropped right on the top of his hand.

He got so mad that he punched a computer screen, broke it, and got fired."

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Jacob Katel
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