Jesus Candy Canes, Bacon Candy Canes, And More Xmas Weirdness

Whether you actually like sucking on them or you prefer to dangle them on the tree, the red and white candy canes seem to put you into the

Christmas spirit.

And then there are the flavored candy canes. Is there really a reason we need to have blueberry flavored candy canes? Not only are there fruity, sick to your stomach sweet candy canes but there are also some just plain strange flavors and we have found some that will surely tickle your holiday fancy.

5. Life Savers
So here's a silly question, but why do we need Life Saver flavored candy canes when we have, you know, Life Saver candy? Aren't they really like the same thing, except one is in the shape of a cane? Here you can lick up to five different flavors, watermelon, cherry, orange, pineapple and raspberry.

4. Wild Huckleberry Candy Canes
These delightful purple canes will surely be an eye sore if you hang them on your tree. They are in a lovely shade of purple and taste of berry, because well, why not? They are said to be a very "festive holiday decoration." We however wonder what happened to tradition?

3. Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Candy Canes
These Cinnabon candy canes are supposed to taste like the real thing with the cinnamon and vanilla frosting with each lick. But we'd like to know, "why not just eat the real thing?" Come on, with all the sugar in these things you mine as well gobble up the actual Cinnabon and enjoy it.

2. Bacon Candy Canes
All right all you bacon lovers, here's your holiday heart attack in candy cane form. These bacon candies look just about as good as they will make you feel about an hour after ingesting. So while the original candy canes give you a minty fresh taste, these bacon flavored ones will give you, well -- fat, fat, fat.

1. Jesus Canes
Okay so these candy canes don't actually have a different flavor than the original peppermint. But come on, you know we had to add these in this list with a name like that. These yummy Jesus Canes will have you reciting quotes from the Bible in no time.

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Carissa Chesanek
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