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Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana: Try the Beef Tongue Tacos

Carne asada is for amateurs. For more adventurous beef tacos, head to El Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana in West Flagler.

This taqueria offers affordable eats -- tacos cost only $6 for three. There are more than 12 kinds of tacos, including varieties such as mushroom and pork stomach. So let the combinations begin!

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The best taco? The lengua. Tender slivers of beef tongue are coupled with onion and cilantro. The meat is juicy, the taco is tasty, and each piece melts in your mouth.

We also tried the cachete de res -- cow cheek -- taco. The meat was as tender as the tongue, but the flavor wasn't quite there. When we spoke to the owner, Marvin, he suggested a hit of salt and lime. Voila! The house salsa and verde salsa also top these tacos off just right.

The third taco we ordered was the taco al pastor -- with pineapple and guajillo chili. The fruit's sweet tang balanced the heat of the pepper. But we like our pastor with pineapple shaved off a spit. This pork was cubed and slightly dry. We spoke to Marvin again, and he said that style of pastor is just for show and something rarely seen out of Mexico.

We're used to that preparation at L.A.'s taco trucks, but we won't get too particular. We did just find authentic and affordable Mexican tacos in Miami.

Other tacos to try include the barbacoa (lamb), vegetariano (mushrooms and zucchini), and chorizo. This place also serves pozole and menudo on weekends, and Marvin assured us that they clean the tripe in the menudo very thoroughly, so you can enjoy this delicious hangover cure with ease.

Locals also swear by the #2, a combo that comes with two sopes, two gorditas, two flautas, and one quesadilla for just $13.95.

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