This past Saturday, high above the city, in the penthouse of a Midtown condo, thirty or so South Florida foodies got together to eat at the whims of Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog.

The Cobaya Gourmet Guinea Pigs are a web enabled network of adventurous eaters who are looking for unconventional fare not available on Miami restaurant dinner menus. Kevin Jones of MiamiWineTasters.com said, "We find a chef with good skill and imagination and say we'll be the guinea pig. There's no restriction on what they make because they're not selling it in a restaurant where people won't eat it. Restaurants are a business, and that can keep a chef from really experimenting. It's not for everyone, you don't get to order. You just show up, you pay, and you eat."

Events are organized by local bloggers Chowfather and Frodnesor, who said "More people are interested than I thought. Miami doesn't get a lot of attention as a food town, but there are a lot of talented chefs here."

Here are some pictures from the event....

Gourmet Guinea Pigs Pay For Chef's Choice Dinner In Pictures

Full disclosure - I got a free tasting of short ribs and pork belly.

Log on to http://cobayamiami.blogspot.com/

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