Dale bowl from Della Test Kitchen.
Dale bowl from Della Test Kitchen.
Masson Liang

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood Yard

Miami's first culinary incubator popped up at the Wynwood Yard more than a year ago, bringing an assortment of unique eats to the Magic City. A variety of food trucks began offering plant-based bowls, omakase, and shaved ice cream as founder Della Heiman alleviated the hassle of a storefront and the stress of rising rent by giving local culinary entrepreneurs a risk-free space to test their concepts.

Throughout the past year and a half, multiple food and beverage businesses have set up shop at the Yard, guided by a think tank of Harvard Business School graduates and other professionals who help owners open brick-and-mortars or expand their businesses in other arenas.

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Though many concepts have come and gone, one of the first — Della Test Kitchen — remains strong. Created by Heiman, the food truck features a menu of plant-based lunch and dinner bowls, as well as sweets such as an open-face ice-cream sandwich topped with Serendipity's vanilla bean flavor.

A handful of new food trucks, serving everything from matcha to schnitzel, have joined Heiman this year. Satisfy your hunger with a visit to the Yard for a tasty alternative to a traditional dining experience.

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood Yard (5)
Courtesy of the Wynwood Yard

1. Yoko Matcha
Snag a cup of sweet, creamy green tea and a small bite from Yoko Matcha, Miami's first specialty matcha café. Find food and drinks infused with traditional Japanese matcha, as well as Latin spinoffs such as the matcha alfajor, with dulce de leche, and the matcha pastelito, filled with white chocolate, matcha, and cream cheese.

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood YardEXPAND
Courtesy of the Wynwood Yard

2. The Lone Wolfe Food Truck
The gourmet Mexican food truck specializes in modern renditions of age-old Mexican favorites. There are chilaquiles doused in chili sauce, Mexican crema, and a tangy-sweet balsamic reduction; coconut curry tofu, which can be served crisp or drenched in a sweet Thai chili sauce; and plant-based offerings such as slow-cooked plantains served with a black pepper sweet soy sauce, and gluten-free enfrijoladas — three partially fried tortillas covered in black bean sauce and topped with shredded Chihuahua cheese and crema.

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood Yard (2)
Courtesy of the Wynwood Yard

3. Charcoal Bar + Grill
Built with modified shipping containers, Charcoal Bar + Grill uses primitive grilling techniques to create flavor-packed eats. With locally sourced ingredients, the menu offers items cooked on Josper grills, which burn 100 percent charcoal and can heat upward of 800 degrees, creating a dark and smoky taste. Offerings rotate twice per season to take advantage of the freshest ingredients available, paired with sauces and condiments made from scratch and herbs grown onsite. Highlights include root vegetables, heirloom potatoes, sea scallops, heritage chicken, and beef hanger steak, all cooked and seasoned on the grill.

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood Yard (3)
Courtesy of Shnitz 'n Fritz

4. Shnitz 'n Fritz
At this Mediterranean-inspired food truck, find an unconventional blend of the concept's staple schnitzel-and-fries plate, along with an assortment of vegan-friendly items such as the Habibi sandwich ($13) — which combines falafel, Israeli salad, cabbage, tahini, and amba on pita and is served with a side of fries — and the Yoga Pants platter ($14), featuring falafel, hummus, tahini, daily salad, and fresh pita.

Five New Food Concepts to Try at the Wynwood Yard (4)
Courtesy of the Wynwood Yard

5. Taste of the Yard
Solve the problem of what to eat with samplings of everything at the Yard. Savor small bites from each concept every Friday for $25. Snag mini enfrijoladas at the Lone Wolfe, matcha guava bundt cake at Yoko Matcha, and a plant-based bowl from Della. For tickets, visit eventbrite.com.

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