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El Palacio de los Jugos: Food Fit for a King

El Palacio de los Jugos (literally "the juice palace") is much more than its name. The place comes off as a Latino version of Golden Corral, offering tons of epic foodstuffs for our gluttonous enjoyment. Okay, so this is no buffet with endless servings, but just one take-out meal from El Palacio can feed an entire African village or an Appalachian mountain family. And the best part is, no matter where you live, you're covered. There are four locations spread throughout the city.

At El Palacio you can order food by the pound, as a meal, or a la carte. You can also guzzle down an assortment of natural juices, from mango to carrot, or any mixture. What we love about places like this versus, oh we don't know, Whole Foods or any place on the Beach, is that the juices are unpretentious. They don't scream "look at me, look at me! I am organic! I am healthy! I cost $8 per 16 oz. serving!" Instead, they whisper, "Oye, we're delicious and refreshing, and we only cost $2.50 a cup, meng."

They are also consistent. When you've been to one Palacio, you've been to them all. There are the many food areas (seafood, beef, pork, seafood, chicken), then there is the sandwich spot ($3.50 to $6.75), and the juice location ($2.00 to $7.00). Most meals run between $6 and $12, the highest-priced plates consisting of a seafood entrée, usually lobster or shrimp.

No matter which Palacio you visit, you'll get the same thing: fresh food that tastes good served in manly man-sized portions. Like Alexander Garcia, one of the many patrons lined up to get his food on recently, said, "Are you kidding? I come here because I love to eat. It's real Cuban food, and a lot of it. Plus, for less than $20, I get a feast. I feel like a king."

El Palacio de los Jugos
5721 W. Flagler Street, Miami

7085 Coral Way, Miami
14300 SW 8 Street, Miami
15110 SW 56 Street, Miami

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