Eight Top Caffeine-Infused Snacks

Do you need that little extra "pick me up" once the afternoon comes around? Instead of grabbing for your third cup of coffee, there are snacks infused with caffeine to give you that much needed boost.

A Snack in the Face: A brownie with a kick.That sugar high is only the start. These brownies are not only crammed with chocolate, but they are infused with  "pharmaceutical-grade caffeine," according to the website. For $17 you can have a half a dozen brownies that will surely give you a jolt.

BioFUEL-Caffeine Infused Popcorn: Pure genius. A new take on everybody's favorite afternoon snack. Or maybe you want to stay awake during a late night movie? Try popcorn that pops your corns! Choose from regular infused or super charged for $3.49 or $3.99 respectively. Or check out the decaf for the kids at $2.49 a .... pop. Get it?

Caffeinated Perky Jerky: Feeling hungry and tired and like eating a little leather? Chomp on some Perky Jerky and you'll get a little bonus. With 150 milligrams of caffeine in a bag, they are sure to get your heart racing. And at only $5.99 a bag, you pay less than that double chocolate late from Starbucks. So go on, click the link, you jerk!

Extreme Sport Beans Jelly Beans: Remember how those jelly beans you ate as a kid were addictive? Well, they just got moreso thanks to the caffeine that's stored in them. Now you have an excuse to eat your candy before and after a workout. Choose from two flavors, watermelon or cherry, with either a 24 pack for $24 or a double for $47.99.

Caffeinated Fruity Lollipops: Lick up some energy with one of these suckers. They're infused with 70mg of caffeine. Who says lollipops are kid stuff? For $9.99 you can enjoy sucking on four different flavors in a 10-pop pack. Have your choice of watermelon, wild cherry, berry blast and strawberry banana.

Jolt Energy Gum: Bet your Trident can't do this. Jolt Energy gum promises to not just give you fresh breath, but it will get your jaw moving faster than Rush Limbaugh's. Try a 6-pack of Jolt gum for just $10.20, and you'll get the equivalenbt of 36 cups of coffee. Talk about jittery fun.

Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews: Now you can tell your lazy self to buzz off. These chocolate goodies will give you a quick energy jolt with just one chew. Choose from plain chocolate ;or chocolate made with mint for $3.99 per tin container. 

Crackheads Candy: You know that cracked-out feeling you get after downing a shot of espresso? Meet Crackheads candy. These little delights are made with either white of milk chocolate and will be sure to juggle your nerves. Get your hands on a three pack today for $7.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.